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MenWedding was created to fill the need within the gay community, as a result of State legalization of same-sex marriage, for a place where finding the love of a lifetime results in gay marriage.

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Once you find the perfect match from our huge pool of singles, you're on your way to a romantic, fun-filled date with the person who just might become your significant other. You'll see the world in a whole new light when you hit the town with your choice of fun, interesting, attractive singles. With the search form or the quick search, you can search by user name, age, country, city or postal code and contact other members immediately.

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Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos. Alex Vach. AJ Gomez. Premier gay online dating website for long term same sex relationships. Every gay man in Europe has a profile there. As far as finding a relationship, I'd say it's about the same here as anywhere else you'll be living. A lot depends on who you are, what you want and what your expectations are.

Despite what's been written above, not everyone is a slut here. Again, it's just like almost anywhere else, your experiences will be influenced by where you go, what you do and who you choose to hang out with. Believe me, there are plenty of nice, grounded guys here but you probably won't find them partying at Berghain at 6am Sunday morning. Join a gay swimming team, the square dancing club or participate in one of the many other options.


The desire to "assimilate" here seems a bit extreme, particularly within a year. Just come to enjoy yourself and experience Berlin, whatever it may bring. There's no telling what the future holds. Good luck. Not gay either, but gay German friends of mine were most helpful in getting me set up here in Berlin with timely advice and practical help regarding pretty much everything - Health Insurance, Anmeldung , finding a place to live, Estate Agents, checking that I'd got things right when signing contracts, blah blah blah.

Very kind, cultured, generous, open-minded and thoughtful people, who are also at the centre of a multinational, multicultural milieu with friends and contacts from all over the world, gay or otherwise.

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Posted 3 Aug I'd agree with mikebenda I wouldn't say love is dead here I only started having meaningful relationships once I left the superficial Brummy scene and came over here. I can agree to what Harrow said about the scene though, it is very I'm not the most fashionable person on the planet so I found it really rather hard to fit in. I don't like Neubaugebiete so I usually try and avoid them anyway, because I find it an assault on my eyes: If your German skills are as bad as you say they are..

When I got here, way back in , I was lucky enough to only meet people from the former East who couldn't speak English If you need any help in getting health insurance, or any of the paper work just ask I love filling forms out: I didn't say everyone is a slut. And I actually met a really nice guy at Berghain one of the few times I went OK it was more like 3am! Love is possible here sure, but trying in a city of so many gays can quickly get you down. And I'm not particularly fussy ;. I know that feeling well I do know the "I don't do ONS" then they have sex with you and that's that I was just annoyed that they couldn't be honest with me I haven't said that anyone here doesn't speak German or doesn't want to I realise that doesn't say he was advocating not learning the language or indeed not using, but as someone who loves other languages I have a problem with that attitude, I think if people go to a foriegn country learning the native language should be rather high on the list of things to do, but that's another thread: I realise that doesn't say he was advocating not learning the language You're right in thinking that I'm not advocating not learning the language.

I started studying German back in San Francisco so that I could use it when I came here for vacation. I would feel pretty arrogant if I was not able to communicate in German as I would expect anyone living in the states to have some basic knowledge of English. That said, almost everyone here not only the Germans speaks English, something that has unfortunately slowed my progress in speaking German. Plus many people myself included find German difficult.

Still, it's really convenient for anyone who's moving here and has little or no knowledge of German.

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Just be aware that there can be some miscommunication at times. For instance, some Germans use the word "irritated" when they mean "confused" as it seems to be a direct translation from the German word "irritiert". Believe me, that mix up led to a lengthy, heated discussion at the beginning of my relationship. Berlin has everything any big city has its what you make of it and where you choose to hang out as a gay man. I'm glad you understood it the way I meant it: I also remember the lengthy arguements Klaus and I had at the beginning of our relationship, when we had to stop to look the word up: Posted 4 Aug I am gay, English, 24, and been living here for almost 2 years now Love is dead in Berlin.

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Being a slut is simple, finding a long term boyfriend not so much Although I agree that there are many great places in the city and that it is a tolerant place to live, I think your take on Schoeneberg is simplistic, unfair and a more than a bit judgmental. Also, being over thirty , I have some friends over thirty who have met a partner in Berlin and got married and even done it myself. And heaven forbid we like to even go for a beer now and then in Schoeneberg!

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When I was 24, I wasn't really into getting super serious and probably would have run from what you described too, but I don't think that makes someone a slut either and who cares if they are for that matter. Maybe you are coming on a bit strong? Just sayin' As for the OP, I hope the advice above has helped, Berlin is a wonderful city - don't worry too much about "finding the one".

I think it will happen when the time's right, no matter where you are: I've done the drunken cycling thing before: But your "Love is dead" in Berlin mantra is not unique to Berlin or even Germany. It sounds to me more like growing pains as you move further and further from your teens to that dealthly number of 30! For many people, a big cathartic change happens around 27 years old. Most young guys are sluts because, well, it's call over-abundance of testosterone flying around in a young man's body. In hetero-relationships, the testosterone is counter-balanced by a woman.

Get two young men together and there's not a lot of balance going on. The problem I see is when this behavior becomes habitual and and carries on through their 30s, 40s, 50s and yeah, 60s.