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Pavel, Pavel Kreb, Michael Long. He was discovered after shooting a few episodes for director William Higgins in Prague; at the same time, a Bel Ami scout sent us his photo through the telephone.


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In this Bel Ami movie Lukas goes to a mountain house with Erik Kovac during summer vacation and meets other ten sexy young men there. Unless they feel a sharp pain when the Tunica cracks, the majority of men have no idea how they've injured their cock. If you feel the need to be genteel about it, you could say, "Mom, you know those new commercials where they ask, ' Are you curved below the belt? It just did. Wednesday, April 10, I Got Nothin'. Posted by whkattk at 7: Tuesday, April 9, Happy Spring to You. Well, I hope to hear from the young guy who was the subject of yesterday's post.

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