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Watch Brodie and Dusty at SeanCody. Will cupid strike again here with Brodie? Watch Brodie and Ollie at SeanCody. Watch Forrest and Brodie at SeanCody. Watch Brodie and Blake at SeanCody.

Both guys loved the water and they had fun trying to figure out the best way to fuck in a hot, wet setting! Search Blog. XXX RubHim! Recent Posts. John Hawkins SeanCody: Clay III Fuckermate: Learning To Catch Ch 2: Recent Comments. Scrapple on MEN: Mystery Members Only Model 4. OMG Blog!! Gay Porn Fast! Articles Featuring: A straight guy would instantly vomit to the only idea of sticking his tongue in a male butt hole.

I think some NDS director once said that these guys do just that- puke. It was so tragic. Money can buy everything. Kiss a guy? Get sucked by a guy? Maybe … Q: Get fucked? I think people are really underestimating how rare gay men are in this world. You end up with an incredibly tiny number.

Now divide THAT number up by separating all the uglies and average joes from the ultra hot, porno body guys. There is no such thing as trans4pay either.

Think about it. It is not just money — it is simply being an exhibitionist — that is the real issue. The attraction and the attention of being on camera for others gets these folks off. It does not matter if they are having sex on camera with a guy or a girl. It is about being on camera! The goal is to be on camera — doing something that others usually would not — and they know that they are being desired by others — that is the turn-on! It was not really about what parts fit where. Exhibitionists make great porn stars because they WANT to be on camera, the sex with whom-ever and the money are just added benefits.

Exhibitionists make great porn stars because they WANT to be on camera! They want to be seen! Labeling anybody who just states the reality just misses the point. Gay men have had sex with women since time immemorial.

Having sex with women does not make that gay man str8. For those gay guys insisting that someone performing the act is gay, I must say they are living in a la-la land of their own making. Despite statistics of the miniscule percentage of gay men out there, not recognizing the reality of G4P is really hiding ones head in the sand.

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And simply accusing people who point out that reality of fetishing str8 guys or internalized homophobia just completely misses the point. I am gay and I fully recognize that gay porn stars are a mixed bag of: SamDixon, in a comment here, makes a point that Dean in the documentary does as well: And it has nothing to do with closet cases that some bigoted comments on vimeo suggest. Of course, they will say whatever it takes to keep the illusion alive.

Go ahead and do g4p. Do your scenes get paid go home and shut up!


This whole gay 4 pay thing is seriously offensive. Bitch please, you enjoy a dick on your ass as much as the majority of gay people. I cans see, the same self-hating gay men are here. How backwards is that? Bitch, go find yourself a megachurch and have all the seats in there. After I recognize quickly the guys who do this for money, we feel that they are clumsy, blocked, they did not want to do something but do it anyway …..

Yet I find that heterosexual prostitute for sex with men is possible, but in front of a video we see quickly whether or not the guy loves what he does, the reaction of the lips, toes, his whole body and …. In the case of Dean for example, very it is clear he loves swallow whole dick with a pleasure ….

When we see him get fucked with an impressive pace with a hard cock down into the hole he enjoys the situation ….. I do not believe for a second! My question is: So when the hell do they have time to be straight? By having those perfomers talk about their real preferences. The all know that most of the performers are straight. Those are the ones that we missed, gave us great videos and let us being part of their sex lives.

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But these dudes, start taking shit and exposing not just them but their families too, its kind of disgasting, example…Sean…. Models do your job, make your money, make the best videos you can and shut the fuck up. Are they still taking in new models, or is that still on hold? I am a scouter who has worked with them in the past. Just learned that they were sold and bought by Men. All my contact email addresses I had for them come back as invalid, and contact telephone numbers are all disconnected. Would appreciate if you have any input into this matter. Please email me directly if at all possible.

Look at Rod Daily…porn completely destroyed him. I guess it started out as a job for money but slowly but surely you saw Rod getting turned out by it then Rod started to do some weird stuff, tranny porn and all other stuff. Your email address will not be published. BelAmi Special Sale.