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Reisner has been the subject of unwanted attention for other reasons, too. On the Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend last year, he was arrested in East Hampton and charged with operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs, driving the wrong way on a traffic island and being under the influence of alcohol, according to a report from the East Hampton Village Police Department. In addition, the report said he was slurring his speech and had failed several roadside sobriety tests. Reisner is due in court Thursday on this case.

Last October, Mr. What happened next is unclear, but Mr.

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Weiderpass added: Accidents can happen. Verdi unconscious in the bathtub. He was taken to Mount Sinai St. He was a friend of a friend.

Out at Work: The top 50 list of LGBT executives

He continued: If you have a party, somebody might take drugs and O. In the weeks since the controversial dinner, Mr. Reisner remained convinced he and Mr.

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Weiderpass were right to have hosted Senator Cruz. He said the dinner with Mr. Cruz was not a fund-raiser, but a chance for the senator to meet their business partner Sam Domb, a holocaust survivor who has raised considerable funds for pro-Israel politicians. And to be sure, there are people who say Mr. Reisner are being targeted unfairly.

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  7. I get the symbolism, but this is just not very important. Reisner said he has big plans for Fire Island, where he bought the properties this winter and where the boycott has been perhaps most disruptive.

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    But so far, Mr. Reisner has been doing triage.

    27 Most Successful LGBT+ Entrepreneurs, Executives and Opinion Leaders

    Sharif said, referring both to Mr. Reisner also issued yet another apology , saying: In , Howe founded an agency that maintained contact between fraternities and their alumni. His work involved frequent travel to his offices across the country and to college campuses.

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    For decades, Howe exchanged letters with other gay men he met through his work, sometimes making introductions. He found sexual partners among recent college graduates he met through his work with fraternities and hitchhikers he picked up in his travels. Often, he went on to recommend these young men for jobs or for posts in the armed forces, or as potential sexual partners for his gay friends. Syrett also notes that despite their transgressive behavior, the men writing each other were generally quite conservative and uninterested in challenging the sexual politics of their time: JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students.

    Livia Gershon. June 21, July 14, Share Tweet Email Print. LGBT executives providing fresh perspectives in business. These are the most gay-friendly employers in the UK. Gay men earn less than straight men, but lesbians are paid more. Why being gay doesn't pay. Since joining Burberry as creative director in , revenues have increased fourfold.

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    Former global chief information officer, Nike, Inc. Watson is the first British, and non-American, citizen to be appointed to the Board of Directors of Glaad. Partner and head, international aid development consulting, PwC As a partner at PwC, Woodfield is the most senior out role model. He also sits on the legal panel for the Human Dignity Trust and is involved with Stonewall. Senior HR business partner, Thomson Reuters In addition to her role at Thomson Reuters, Cusdin organises events for greater understanding of transgender people. He has worked on diversity in Moscow and London, liaised with organisations such as Stonewall and OUTstanding, and hosted regular events and mentoring sessions.

    She is also chair of trustees at Stonewall and has participated on diversity panels for the Law Society and Stonewall.